Quality policy

Quality policy statement

Our company's quality policy statement - From our Quality Management Manual.

ICONOMIX Kft. - the first teleradiology service company founded in Hungary - began to introduce independent, professionally based teleradiology activities in 2007.

Our aim is to prevent the operational and operating difficulties that arise due to the growing shortage of radiologists in our country, which more and more healthcare institutions are facing nowadays. We operate a state-of-the-art quality management system integrated into our service activities, so that we can perform our tasks at a high level and prove compliance to this for our customers and partners.

The manager and employees of Iconomix Kft. are committed to the effective operation and continuous development of the quality management system according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, as well as the regulated management and continuous development of the remote sensing service.

In order to achieve goals that reflect our commitment, we consider it our defining task:

  • to provide professionally high-level and effective solutions to eliminate problems arising in the various fields of imaging diagnostics;
  • that, in addition to increasing the efficiency of the imaging diagnostic activity, radiological subspecialists can be involved in solving daily diagnostic problems and organ-specific findings can be developed;
  • we place a strong emphasis on a process-oriented approach and a risk-based way of thinking;
  • meet the challenges of our time with new quality improvement programs and continuously developed services;
  • we strive to develop and strengthen the appropriate professional knowledge, effective cooperation and critical thinking, as well as the ability to be independent in our employees, subcontractors and individual contributors;
  • we consider it important to ensure the availability of our discovery service by continuously updating modern information technology;
  • with our information security and data protection regulations, we want to create a sense of legal compliance and business reliability for our customers and partners.
  • ensuring the quality of professional work with continuous professional internal audits, which forms the basis of the internal training of our employees.
  • based on the national recognition of the organization, it introduced external vocational training as a new process, in connection with which it considers the provision of the highest level of knowledge currently available and the technical conditions necessary for its acquisition to be an important task for the participants in the training.
  • With all of this, we want to gain recognition in the domestic and international world of radiology.

Pécs, May 6, 2020.