Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) is developing rapidly in medicine, especially in radiology. In recent years, AI has been a great source of innovation, a prominent topic of discussion in the radiology community, and a groundbreaking research topic.

Despite the risks and quality assurance issues, AI has the potential to fundamentally change the delivery of radiology services. Based on current usage experiences, instead of being identified as an enemy, AI can become a radiologist's reliable, diligent friend, in addition to being a useful training tool for radiologist trainees.

ICONOMIX was one of the first to start cooperating with development teams providing artificial intelligence solutions here. Our collaborations since the fall of 2018 show that AI, which is awaiting the approval of health regulatory government bodies all over the world, appears to be a promising additional tool in assessing the severity of cases (triage) and establishing a diagnosis, a reliable, diligent collaborative partner: it appears to be a friend.

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